minimalist natural hair care

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  1. Hi.
    Thanks for the helpful hints! Do you have a suggestion for a hair spray to cut down on static? I’m trying to find a balance with acv and water but some days the dry climate is too much. An acv/water leave in? Thank you!

    1. Hi there!

      Well, the vinegar-water rinse mentioned in the post is basically that – a leave-in conditioner.

      You can start with 1 part vinegar to 7 or 8 parts water. If the hair seems too frizzy or dry, it means you probably don’t have enough vinegar. Add some more for the next rinse and try again. A higher vinegar ratio will give the hair a more slick feel.

      You could also try a few drops of jojoba oil, rubbed between your palms and applied to the top of your hair, where the fuzzies are. Jojoba is very light (similar to sebum) and it might help you with this as well.

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