diy scalp scrubs

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  1. Love your blog so far! I’m four weeks in water only but I’ve done a few white rye flour mixed with soaked fenugreek water washes and it’s been good so far however this week started with my scalp acting up. Itchy and flaky so I’m going to try the salt scrub right now! My goal is water only, although throwing in the wash I mentioned is so nice for when I need the extra clean. Thanks for all the informative information.

    1. Hi Serina! Thank you ^_^

      Good on you – water only washing can be truly life changing. It certainly simplifies things a lot! But don’t worry if it takes a while to get your scalp used to it. Depending on how many products it’s used to, it can be an interesting ride that transition! If it’s not usual for you to get an itchy scalp, maybe take a look at the fenugreek water. Have you used it before? There’s always the possibility of individual sensitivity, or allergic reaction to a certain ingredient. I really recommend you do a final vinegar-water rinse (1 part vinegar + 7 parts water) every time you wash your hair, if you’re not already. It really helps to balance the pH, relieve itching, and treat the area. It’s a really good antimicrobial and antibacterial (and amazing for hair)!

        1. Hi Mary!
          I’m afraid I can’t give you a definite answer on that. I haven’t dyed my hair, so I can’t speak from personal experience. It is possible that the acidity of the vinegar might interfere with the color pigments in your hair dye (there are so many kinds out there). Even if it’s not a matter of fading the color, it might change the shade a bit. Having said there are commercial hair masks and treatments with apple cider vinegar that purport to help maintain your color treated hair. The fact that vinegar diluted in water will be slightly acidic, and help reseal the hair cuticle and shaft, might help extend the color treatment apparently. So maybe it’s a matter of giving it a shot ^_^ If you do, let us know how it turned out!

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