diy face moisturizers

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  1. Can I blend the glycerine/water mixture with melted coconut oil or cocoa butter and an essential oil to make 1 humectant/moisturizing product yo use twice daily? Would it need to be refrigerated or can I keep it on the counter in small quantities ?

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Anytime you add water, or water-based ingredients, to an oil, or oil-based ingredient you need to:

      1) use an emulsifier to mix the two into a cream texture (otherwise they’ll just separate)
      2) add a preservative of some kind (because water attracts bacteria)

      That’s why this moisturizing method I describe here is less fussy and simpler to make – you just keep both phases (water and oil) separated and “blend”/apply them in the moment. The oil and cocoa butter wouldn’t really mix with the water/glycerin solution without an emulsifier – that would be a different recipe, to make a cream.

      Also, after making the cream, if you don’t add a preservative it will just spoil quickly – even in the fridge. The only alternative solution around this would be either to make the cream in very small batches (enough for maybe 3 days) and keep it in the fridge. Or to make the cream, take out a smaller amount (enough for a few days) into a different container you keep in the fridge and put the rest of the cream in the freezer – you could then take out a small amount every time, to use over the following couple of days or so.

      I hope that answers the question 🙂

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