diy eyelash growth serum

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    1. Hi Caroline,

      Yes, of course! Vitamin E is a great stand-alone ingredient for skin and it’s perfect for delicate areas like the eye area. I’ve used it any times as an eye treatment.

      If you’re applying it pure, since it is a bit thick and sticky, it’s best to apply it with light finger taps (instead of a massage). This way you don’t drag and stretch the delicate skin around your eyes.

  1. I tried castor oil once. It got in my eyes leaving a film.. i thought I was going blind, so, I never tried it again. Maybe I put too much.

    1. Hi Millie!

      Yeah, that can happen with any oil you put around your eye area, actually – it basically gets in your eye and turns everything a bit fuzzy (sometimes it burns a bit). The thing is to use a very small amount if it’s going on or too near your eyelashes. It happens to me sometimes when I use vitamin E oil on my eye area, for instance – it makes my eyes water a bit, but it’s momentary. It’s mostly uncomfortable. Just try to avoid soaking your eyelashes completely with oil of any kind, because it will slide down and get in your eyes – use just a touch.

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